By proxy

18299829By proxy
Katy Regnery
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Series: Heart of Montana #1

This is Regnery’s debut novel, a fairly nice and enjoyable book for Winter, mostly. One that you will read on your tablet/e-reader while drinking a nice hot cup of cocoa. The story itself had some morals and symbolism attached to it, however the author still lacks some balance and, we hope to see how Regnery will face the reviews and what  she will change in the future.

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Second chance

17261789Second Chance
Carla Caruso
Publisher: Destiny Romance
192 pages

After reading “Spellbound”, I realized the few last pages were the first chapter of this book, Second Chance. I had no idea who Carla Caruso was or that a Publishing House named Destiny Romance existed (sorry guys, we have 8 Publishing Houses in Portugal, you guys have 10 only about romance, so I am still trying to track some down).
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Daughter of Jerusalem

Daughter-of-JerusalemDaughter of Jerusalem
Joan Wolf
Publisher: Worthy Publishing
320 pages

Kindly provided through ACR

It is by mere coincidence (or not) that today’s (International Women’s Day) post is about a book about the most famous woman in History: Maria Magdalene.

Daughter of Jerusalem by Joan Wolf, a relatively unknown name for a Portuguese reader, brings us a Bildungsroman with an alternative story about the life of Mary Magdalene. It is a version which sometimes resembles YA style, however that only occurs due to the young age of the protagonist, Mary and caused by the first-person narrator. The reader follows a young girl, whose stepmother is highly jealous of her as a result of her beauty, turning the figure of Mary into a princess from a fairy tale. The father takes her to stay with her aunt Leah, where she is to be taken care of.
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