A queda de Artur

Ficha Técnica:
A queda de Artur
J. R. R. Tolkien
Christopher Tolkien
Editora Publicações Europa-América
Dezembro 2013
P.V.P: 22,25€
Edição bilingue
Mais informações: http://www.europa-america.pt/


A Queda de Artur não é um livro, é um poema inacabado de Tolkien, onde o autor tentou contar uma versão fiel ao estilo medieval da história do Rei Artur. Fortemente influenciado por Thomas Malory e Geoffrey of Monmouth (Le Morte d’Arthur), Tolkien delineou os versos usando a métrica característica do Old English e o verso aliterativo (escrita marcada pela aliteração). Para os mais distraídos, Tolkien já tinha feito uma incursão pelos versos aliterativos através do épico Sir Gawain and the green Knight, que retrata a história de um cavaleiro da Távola Redonda do Rei Artur, depois de ele e toda a corte serem desafiados por um cavaleiro verde a dar-lhe um golpe com a condição de passado um ano e um dia o cavaleiro poder retribuir esse golpe. Continue reading


How beauty loved the beast: last book of the series “Tales of Underlight”


How beauty loved the beast
Jax Garren
Carina Press
192 pages

So it has come to an end. We all know series have to end sooner or later, Charlaine Harris was glad to finally put an end on Sookie’s adventure and when I started reading “How beauty loved the beast” I knew this was the last stop. But I was not ready. People asked me why I took so long to get the book and read it. The answer is: I was not ready to let Hauk go. As both writer and reviewer, Hauk is a character that fascinated me, I personally adore ugly male characters with strong personalities, and that is Hauk.
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How beauty saved the beast

16110879How beauty saved the beast
Jax Garren
Publisher: Carina Press
208 pages

Jolie Benoit left her old life behind to become an agent of the Underlight. Training under Sergeant Wesley Haukon, she’s honing her combat skills, all the while coping with the intense sexual attraction she feels for Hauk. She keeps their friendship casual, but when his high school sweetheart transfers into their division, Jolie finds herself grappling with jealousy.
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Soul sucker

{83D6420A-B51A-4C58-8AD2-0F0FAA22B88A}Img100Soul sucker
Kate Pearce
Publisher: Carina Press
eISBN: 9781426895340
File size: 300KB
86,000 words
E-price: $2,99

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I think I have a new deal with Pearce’s books. When I first read Vivi Anna’s “Blood red”, I swore I would read all of her works. With Pearce is more or less like that as well. Even though I am not a fan of her series House of Pleasure (simply because I believe that the series ended up using the same formula), every time something new shows up it is almost impossible for me to resist. Also her Tudor Vampires inspired me along with Anno Dracula to write Portuguese paranormal.
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Emmie Dark
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia I Destiny Romance
E-book (released on 15th of March 2013)
Aprox. 100 pages

Spellbound is a nice reading mixing paranormal with erotic, but sometimes I wished the author made this story less heavy and more funny and took advantage of the situations to create humour.

Belle is not the best witch, in fact she has no powers and is clumsy. Being mistreated by her last boyfriend, Belle is not confident, even though she drools over her pretty neighbour Nicholas Marchetti, he does not seem very interested in her. So she decides to make a potion to create a replica of her neighbour, but obviously things do not work well.
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Big bad wolf

6284391Big bad wolf
Christine Warren
The Others #2
Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks
Published: September 2009
320 pages

“My sweet Melissa. (…) Such a pretty girl to have fallen into the clutches of the big bad wolf. (…) Like Little Red Riding Hood, you didn’t know what you were in for when you left home, did you? (…) That’s too bad, because once the wolf has ahold of a pretty girl, he doesn’t ever let her go. (…) A wolf never shares. (…) No one else will ever touch you the way I’m touching you. I will kill everywhere who tries. And the reason for that Melissa Jane, (…) is because. You. Are. My. Mate.”

*Talks to herself – Ok a nice neutral review – you can do it, big girl… This quote won’t affect you* Well this is actually the only quote I found really good. I mean the guy is pleasuring her and drops this line… talking about cockblock.
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Bunny and bear

12356635 (1)

The Bunny and the bear
Eve Langlais
Publisher: Createspace (according to Goodreads)
Pages: 162

Taking a closer look at the cover, my first thought was “wow that’s porn.” (yes, because the title was not enough), but then the fact that it looked like a fairy tale twist and some reviews on Goodreads argued it was a fun and light book, made me take a shot (even though I promised myself, no more erotic books!).
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