Review policy

Illusionary Pleasure is mainly a book review blog created by Adeselna Davies in 2010. In 2013 Lady Entropy joined the blog as the blog moved from Blogger to WordPress and created two sides: The sunny side (reviews in Portuguese) and The tea room (reviews in English).

Horror | Crime | Science Fiction (space opera, all types of punk, hardFC) | Fantasy (epic, urban, low fantasy, new weird) | Erotic – including M/M, F/F F/M/M/ and so on | Romance | Chick-lit | Young adult/ new adult | Historical novels | Non-fiction | Children’s books

Lady Entropy:
Urban fantasy | Historical fiction | Cyberpunk | Manga | Comics & Graphic Novels | Roleplaying games | Young adult | Fantasy | Science fiction

The reviews:

Our reviews are honest and represent our opinions regarding that specific book. We aim to balance our reviews between an objective view of plot/characters/depth and our personal opinion. Our reviews are neutral and unbiased.
If you as an author OR reader disagree on a review, feel free to leave a message for an open discussion with other readers. At Illusionary Pleasure we believe that all opinions are welcomed and should be debated.
Personal attacks on the reviewers/authors on the comment section will be deleted.

Shameless advertising:

Portuguese Publishing houses and English are somewhat different. You may verify that the blog has a lot more promotional posts in Portuguese. When establishing a partnership with Portuguese Publishers, we agree on promoting the book with a single post dedicated to it.
If you want us to promote your book, send us an e-mail and we will consider it and then reply with a link to our blog.

We may send sometimes e-mail asking for interviews. If an interview is given, we will publish it in Portuguese and English no matter the nationality of the author.

If you published a novel and want us to buy it, you may send an e-mail, but if we buy it, it’s up to us (it’s our money, after all).
If we buy it, we may provide a review only on Goodreads or Amazon.


– We accept ACR’s in English and Portuguese (Brazilian Portuguese and Portugal Portuguese);
– ACR’s in English should be provided via e-mail in digital format (.epub/.mobi/.pdf./.azw), if you really want to send a Paperback version you will have to send it via post to Portugal.
– Portuguese ACR’s are negotiable with the Publishing house (but we prefer digital as well);
– When sending the ACR, explicit when the book will be released so we can organize our agenda;
– The reviews will be posted on the blog, Goodreads and when available;
– Some blurbs will also be published on Wook/ LEYA online/ Bertrand online.

(For indie and self-published authors)
On the e-mail there should be:

– Cover;
– Synopsis;
– The digital file.

Any copies that do not feature this, will not be considered for reviews.

We accept indie books, self-published books and also books that have a Publishing house.

If there is a book tour and you want us to make part of it, we look forward to it. However keep in mind that we might need some time in advance to read the book and discuss it, then post a review.


English books:
– We prefer to give digital copies as it is easier to control via Internet and we can send it worldwide;

Bookmarks and other stationary items:
– If you want us to make a giveaway with bookmarks, they will be restricted to Europe, USA and Brazil.

Portuguese books:
– Portuguese paperback books will be restricted to Portugal, Azores and Madeira;
– E-books will be available for Brazil and Portugal (if you live outside these countries, but read in Portuguese and wish to participate, complete the Google drive document in the “Other info” in Portuguese);
– We are not responsible for possible book loss;


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