Top ten books on Adeselna’s summer TBR list


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

The Portuguese shelf

1. A filha do Barão (The baron’s daughter) by Célia Loureiro: Even though I’ve read it already as a beta, the manuscript was revised and edited and it was such a great novel that I need to re-read it again 🙂

2. Estou nua e agora? (I’m naked, now what?) by Francisco Salgueiro: Even though I never read anything by this author, the Publisher was kind to give me the e-book without me even asking (I love this type of kindness, especially if I’m ignored when I ask for an ebook that I really want to read);

3. Encontro em Itália (Encounter in Italy) & Inverno de Sombras (Winter of shadows) by L.C. Lavado: Both low fantasy Portuguese novels previously self-published by the author. The reviews have been very positive, so I guess that these two are a must read in the summer.

4. A chama ao vento (The flame in the wind) by Carla M. Soares: This ebook has been lying on my tablet for too long. Having read three books of this author, I know that this book is going to be awesome, although a bit darker than her others.
The “I’ve been waiting forever for you to read me”:

5. The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson: this poor novel was not well received in Portugal. The price eventually dropped to 2,90€ and I couldn’t resist.

6. Mildred Pierce by James M. Cain: The great depression! Just because I never grow tired of the twenties, plus my edition has Kate Winslet on the cover!

7. The bronze horseman by Paulinna Simons: Even though I have the Portuguese edition give the high prices I might give this book and buy the English version. Everyone has told me to read it so I guess I can’t delay it much more ^^

8. A matter of sin & Beautiful distraction by Jess Michaels: A girl needs her erotica! Also I am longing to read something new by Jess Michaels.

9. Mein zweites Leben by Christianne F.: Even though I started reading it two months ago, it is a book with some heavy content. I look forward to finish it this summer.

10. Wicked by Shannon Drake: this trilogy has been literally waiting forever for me to read it! I’ll take care of it this summer.

All these books are in paperback except for Jess Michaels and Carla M. Soares. Of course those books I already started reading (with the exception of Christianne F.) were not featured on the list because they’ll be read these weeks.


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