18815522Wrecked (#1)
Priscilla West
ebook, 286 pages
Published December 11th 2013 by Blackbird Publishing

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

“There would be no happy ending for us. He was too damaged. I was too broken.”

I was a little disappointed when a blogger friend of mine read this and told me this was a “copy/paste” of Beautiful disaster by Jamie Macguire. I confess I never read those because for some dumb reason people said it was similar to Fifty shades of Grey, so I decided to keep my distance from it.
So, if you read this review please don’t tell me that Macguire’s book is best yadayada, this review is honest and, to speak the truth, all New Adult books start to look all the same to me. So this was my first NA book and from there on all plots seem very similar.

Lorrie and Hunter are both broken, Lorrie due to the recent tragedy in her family and Hunter, well that’s a secret. That’s a good thing: I like broken characters, the more damaged, the better. Nevertheless, I kind of enjoyed Lorrie because she wasn’t really that innocent naïve girl, however she is far from being my type of female character especially when she kept the “we’re just friends” thing. Ok I get it, she’s broken and she believes that she is not good for him but baby… Self-esteem girl!
I loved Hunter, mostly because he wasn’t really an asshole to Lorrie, he was actually quite nice to her throughout the novel and although he has that bad boy thing going on tormented by his demons, the demons turned out to be plausible. I WANT NICE GUYS! Not stupid alpha males, but male characters who can be real!
Their relationship work due to the plot itself that is ok, it’s not something new but the kittens were a great touch! The kittens posed as something that joined these two: you can see that both are caring and devoted no matter their inner demons and also kittens! How can you not love kittens? They are adorable.

On a more negative side: Hunter’s secret was dragged for too long and I am still not sure if a second book was really necessary. I felt more 100 pages would suffice in order to finish the story. I mean they get together obviously and they will struggle to heal their wounds. Let’s see how the second book goes.


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