download (7)Flying
Mega Hart
Published April 29th 2014 by Harlequin MIRA




ARC provided by NETgalley in exchange for an honest review

Wow… wow.. wow!

Dear Megan Hart,
I am known to be tough reviewer, I receive e-mails and comments from “pissed” authors because I am usually a pain in the ass for them. I have built a reputation for four years. Authors are afraid when they send me their manuscripts. When I say “I have read your manuscripts and” I send shivers down their spines. With Broken you made me cry. I haven’t forgiven you yet. It was a cruel move. I am a tough reader. I read LOTS of books so it is really hard to impress me… yet you did! In a world where erotica books are almost all the same you have come to my aid and made me believe that there was still hope.
Damn, I even called you the new Henry Miller! So yes, I think you are brilliant and I meant this in a very non-lesbian-stalker kind of way (if that is possible). I know you are probably rolling your eyes thinking about how many times you have read reviews of people saying that you are an awesome writer, but the fact is: you are! And I don’t say this too often, so I deserve some extra points, right?

Let me tell you what I enjoyed in your recent book, “Flying”:
First I loved how mature the characters were. Your female characters are mature, real and have demons that we can relate to. Also they are very aware of their sexuality and they are sexy! Yes, common women can be sexy they don’t need to be rich or even fall for rich guys. We can be common people and still be heroines in a great erotica novel. Thank you! Thank you for writing great erotica that is either some bdsm crap or millionaires and girls with self-esteem as big as a meatball.

Second the erotic scenes were… perfect. As I was reading the beginning, two names rang in my head: Henry Miller/ Anaïs Nin. Your steamy scenes are a masterpiece. If people say the opposite, I don’t care, because right now I am in love with your writing. So I will ignore them for the sake of my obsession.

Also you have made a tremendous job with the chat scenes. That has to be a sin. Most writers screw up chat scenes. They are either dull or too juvenile. Yours? Spot on. I shall declare that a sin from now on.

Third: the themes.
The fact that Stella does with her body what she wants is very brave. She has a teenage son, went through a divorce and she manages to be a minx without looking like a “slut” – you have managed to convey feminist messages, even if subconsciously (I couldn’t give a flying damn if you meant it or not, it’s there). Apart from that some recurring themes from romance novels: trust is key for a relationship and love will help you overcome some of your problems, but mainly you must have the courage to do it for yourself. The way you managed to build a relationship but also focus on two individuals and their problems was a great touch.

When I finished Flying I was down, I was broken, I didn’t want it to end just like with Broken. And that is not fair. I fear to read another great book of yours and by the end to feel hollow and impotent. Because now I know I will never write amazing erotica and I consider myself somehow above average in erotica (at least I don’t write awkward sex scenes), but when I finish something like Flying, my jaws drop and I think: I will never be like this!

So thank you for writing another stunning novel. Now let’s read Tear you apart, I must have some dignity left… somewhere… in the lake of tears and broken hearts.


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