Death bringer: ohhhh yeaaa!

Death Bringer (Soul Justice #2)
Kate Pearce
Publisher: Carina Press
On sale date: Oct 21, 2013
eISBN: 9781426896538
File size: 609KB
78,000 words
ePrice $2.99

Link to Soul sucker review:

Kate’s Pearce Death Bringer…oh boy did I have trouble writing this review… mostly because I was afraid it wouldn’t be a review, rather me fangirling around sending strange and stalker kisses to the book. Not that I fangirl a lot… but you know we all have our guilty pleasures…
So let’s just say that I adore this “duology?”, while the first one lacked in some parts, man this one was all packed and ready to go! Action, romance, erotica and deaths!! You know what I love more than dismembered characters? Blood and deaths (and now that sounded a little too creepy)!

Let’s start with the characters: I love Ella! She’s different from usual female protagonists, which makes her really cool. She can be badass, annoying Morosov and then a little cute. Also she doesn’t really have a fashion sense, which is adorable. Pearce proves that your female character can be badass and have a great personality.
Morosov… well he is still the same mysterious guy from the first book, Death Bringer centres around him and we get a lot of input from his family, making the world build a lot more interesting than the first book.
While “Soul sucker” was a little bit too safe and ended up with a lot of questions, Pearce did a great job answering every question while keeping the mystery environment, the romance and the fantasy part.

As Kate Pearce is widely famous in Portugal for being an erotic writer, I still keep my opinion that I find her more of an inspiration on the urban/paranormal fantasy side and I am not ashamed when I point out that she influenced me to keep writing alternative historical paranormal fiction and urban/paranormal fantasy with a Portuguese setting. Because mainly what I feel when I read this series was that I did not need an amazingly complicated plot, I could focus on my characters and their dynamic as long as I had something new.

So, definitely looking forward to read a new paranormal series by Kate Pearce.

A powerful magic user is stealing people’s faces in San Francisco, and empath Ella Walsh and shifter Vadim Morosov have been called in to investigate. Still adjusting to the closeness and permanence of their new relationship, the government-paired mates are soon hot on the trail of an Otherworld cultist from Vadim’s past.

But their target turns the tables, and after he gives Ella someone else’s face, the couple will have to follow him to Otherworld to get hers back. There, in an ancient world of family ties, old grudges and monsters, where living memory stretches centuries, Ella will have to confront the dangerous truth of Vadim’s bygone life.

Because there’s a reason the Fae call him Death Bringer, and if Ella can’t unravel it, she may never see her mate–or her face–again.


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