This book will make you puke rainbows, in a good way

I Am Pusheen the Cat
Claire Belton
Publishing house: Touchstone
192 pages
Published October 29th 2013
Review written by Lady Entropy

ARC copy, in exchange for an honest review

Some books are terribly clever. Some books have deep meaning, incredible research or amazing characters.

I Am Pusheen the Cat has none of that.

It’s just amazingly and absolutely undiluted cute. I can see how some people would be absolutely neutral to it, or even annoyed by how many pages are wasted in simplified cartoons with typical cat jokes (Cats are possessive. Cats like to eat. Cats like to sleep). However, everyone else would be too busy going “DAAAAAAAAAAW!”.

I’m not a cat person, but, for some reason, Pusheen’s design pushes all my right buttons and I loooooooove her. Sorry, this is one of those books that gets an irrational grade. I’ve been trying to force myself to lower it because it’s not that “good” as a book, but I can’t. Because I loved reading it, reread it the next day, giggled all through it, and immediately went to try and find Pusheen wallpapers. And I’m considering rereading it today.

I do have a complaint. It’s WAY too damn short.

Also, it looks absolutely weird and wonky in Ebook format, this is one that a Dead Tree version is a must.


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