Mara (#1-6)
Brian Wood – Ming Doyle (Artist)
Publishing house:  Image Comics
Published November 12th 2013
Review written by Lady Entropy

I got this book as an ARC, and I must say…wow.

It hit all the right buttons. The book starts as an interesting, almost cyberpunkish take on a future where being a celebrity is all that matters.

And then it takes a turn into the superhero genre and the whole thing of “great power and great responsibility”. It’s different, it’s new, and I really really liked it.

The only thing that costed it one star was that I felt in the end that Mara wasn’t so much of the main character as she was a MacGuffin, and I didn’t like that. The more powers Mara got, the less “important” she became face to the message that the book was trying to convey. And that jarred me somewhat.

Still, I can’t recommend this enough to those who like a very different take on their superheroes and who liked Ultra: Seven Days.

This is one of those books that even though I got as an ARC, I’ll definitely buy on paperback as soon as I can get it.

Acclaimed creator BRIAN WOOD (The Massive, DMZ, X-Men) and brilliant newcomer MING DOYLE (Guardians of the Galaxy, Fantastic Four, Girl Comics) bring you MARA, the story of an especially gifted woman in a sports- and war-obsessed future. When she starts manifesting strange superpowers, the world that once embraced her turns against her, and for this young woman who once had it all, it’s almost too much to bear. Both an intimate coming-of-age story and an epic superhero drama, MARA takes the genre to new places. Young adult friendly. Perfect for readers of WOOD’s Demo, Local, and X-Men work.


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