Have Wormhole, Will Travel

Have Wormhole, Will Travel
Tony McFadden
Publishing house: Createspace
277 pages
Published November 1st 201
Review written by Lady Entropy

I found myself losing interest very quickly in this book, much to my pity.

The action is disjointed, sometimes confusing, and the plot felt so often pointless. I couldn’t be sure who to root for, and the plot of “we know what you are because we found pictures of you” stopped being funny and ended up being just jarring after the endless repetition — like someone poking you to say “do you get the joke? do you? HuH HUH Huh?”

I had to force myself finish reading — the interludes with random bits of physics and science being thrown at you were interesting, but felt unnecessary and ended up letting me feel more that this was a cleaned up NaNoWriMo novel, rather than an edited one.

Vampires? No Such Thing.
Aliens, though, that’s something else.
They’ve been here, living quietly among us, since before the Industrial Revolution.

Their goal: To ensure we never leave our Solar System. We have a bad habit of wiping out indigenous populations, and theirs is the nearest inhabited planet to ours.
So when a scientist at Sydney University harnesses the power of wormholes, making interstellar travel a virtual walk in the park, one of these tall, pale-skinned aliens, Callum, is forced to choose: destroy us, or help us survive the inevitable Armageddon.

8 billion Earthlings, and our survival is in the hands of one guy – alien – meant to wipe us out.


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