The League of Illusion: Destiny (so, it has come to an end)

17831279The League of Illusion
Vivi Anna
Publisher: Carina Press

Vivi Anna has finished the League of illusion trilogy, her first attempt to do steampunk which ended almost like a mixture between paranormal, steampunk and elfpunk. But this time Anna promised to tell the tale from Sebastian’s side and that alone was motif enough for a person to go wild and read it. We were finally going to understand where Sebastian was and what happened to him. Enough said that Anna is also known to write great erotic scenes and create amazing couples. While as a conclusion, “Destiny” accomplishes what it has proposed since the beginning, we want more. It is that kind of book where one says “I want more of this and more of that.”

The plot is quite good and very fast paced. Anna never lets a reader down when it comes to action and the plot is one of the things that it was perfect, not too slow, not too fast with the right moments placed in. The characters follow a certain model from other Anna’s books. The female character is beautiful, yet courageous and who faces fear face to face.

The good thing about Anna’s female characters (in this case Drea) is that they do not need to tell the reader that they are brave, their actions speak for themselves. The male protagonist Sebastian follows the model of the usual male characters in today’s paranormal scenario: gorgeous, well-endowed and also brave. These two could actually make a great couple, however for the first time I believe the author rushed the romance and got the pace right on the action, which is something I understand. I have read many Portuguese reviewers complaining about how much romance a novel has but no story and I guess Anna did not want that. Yet, we wanted more. We want more sex scenes, more romance and more chemistry. In the end, it seemed just too fast.

From the combination of steampunk and elfpunk, the elves stood out. It is a combination more of elfpunk and paranormal rather than steampunk altogether. Nevertheless, I believe that marketing speaking, readers recognize steam easier than elfpunk and also with the saturation of elves and Tolkien’s approach, reader are more welcome to read something steampunkish than elfish. As a steampunk fan, the worldbuild and its elements could have been more matured. Perhaps in further novels, the author can pay more attention to the worldbuild and romance and combine it with the good story.

As usual, Vivi Anna satisfies her fans with a great end to a series that started a bit shaky, but ended on a good track. It is always good to read a novel written by this author still unknown to most Portuguese readers and now I have “The vampire affair: part 2” to read as soon as possible.

Five years ago, Sebastian Davenport tried to go back in time to reverse a fatal mistake, but found himself trapped in another reality. Unaware of the jeopardy facing his family and the League of Illusion, he gave up his magic for a quiet life as a blacksmith. Quiet, until a monstrous three-headed goddess of war called the morrigan comes to town…
Seeing Sebastian poised to charge the goddess, healer Drea Blairwood has no choice but to hit him over the head to stop him. Nursing the mysterious outsider back to health afterward is just an added benefit. She knows he’s hiding something about his past, but has no idea what kind of adventure awaits them both.
Sebastian has no desire to risk the life of anyone else, let alone someone as enticing as Drea. But after militant elves kidnap Drea, Sebastian needs to find a way to reclaim his magic. The fate of the League—and the world—hangs in the balance.


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