How beauty loved the beast: last book of the series “Tales of Underlight”


How beauty loved the beast
Jax Garren
Carina Press
192 pages

So it has come to an end. We all know series have to end sooner or later, Charlaine Harris was glad to finally put an end on Sookie’s adventure and when I started reading “How beauty loved the beast” I knew this was the last stop. But I was not ready. People asked me why I took so long to get the book and read it. The answer is: I was not ready to let Hauk go. As both writer and reviewer, Hauk is a character that fascinated me, I personally adore ugly male characters with strong personalities, and that is Hauk.

My greatest fear was that like in the end of “The beauty and the beast”, Hauk would become a prince and the message of “it is the inside that matters” would shatter. The author admitted she struggled against the ending, even though it is the ending that works. This last book is made of ups and downs, the down being the fact that there is really no conclusion to the fight between The Underlight and the Order of Anake. That was the biggest disappointment in the end.

The conclusion of this trilogy focuses more on the romance side and leaves the action behind. We can finally see Hauk and Jolie engaging romantically and talking about their feelings and insecurities like a couple. Both romantic and sex scenes are, in the end, what makes this book worth. It is the perfect conclusion, we see more of Jolie’s inside, her fear of belonging to someone, the fear to compromise and Hauk, the fear of letting his body fully exposed to her. If in the previous books the reader had a great lesson on looking beyond the body, on this the reader gets the complicated side of relationship: trust and to communicate. Without communication their feelings can be misinterpreted and the relationship is bounded to failure. Without complete trust, it is very complicated for the other in the relationship to feel that the two are fully committed. Jax Garren created two different characters that are fated to be together and the reader feels that. The reader feels their connection and their personalities and how incredible their chemistry is, even if they are merely fictional characters. Moreover that is the most important thing about this series: their deep and emotional personality and how love can change a person and make one lose the mask of doubt and commit.

Even though I had to let go of Hauk and Jolie, I am really going to miss them. I am going to miss the hideous man who taught me that it doesn’t really matter how ugly your character is as long as they have a good heart. You don’t have to be rich or good looking for a reader to love you, you just need to be a good man and Hauk is a good man. And Jolie… Jolie taught me that a beautiful woman (and redhead just like me) does not need to be hollow. She can be beautiful, rich and fall for the right guy, the guy who will protect her and cherish her. And you also do not need a great story with great plot twists, because these two tell the whole story just by themselves and that is why this series is so good. Two amazing characters who have a lot to teach to the readers.


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