Soul sucker

{83D6420A-B51A-4C58-8AD2-0F0FAA22B88A}Img100Soul sucker
Kate Pearce
Publisher: Carina Press
eISBN: 9781426895340
File size: 300KB
86,000 words
E-price: $2,99

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I think I have a new deal with Pearce’s books. When I first read Vivi Anna’s “Blood red”, I swore I would read all of her works. With Pearce is more or less like that as well. Even though I am not a fan of her series House of Pleasure (simply because I believe that the series ended up using the same formula), every time something new shows up it is almost impossible for me to resist. Also her Tudor Vampires inspired me along with Anno Dracula to write Portuguese paranormal.

Soul sucker does not belong to a series, yet. At the end of this novel, I seriously believed Pearce would need at least another two volumes to add up to what was not left said in this first one. The major let down was the ending, which seemed rushed and I believe that a second book on Alexis would be great for those, who, like me want to know more about the Otherworld.

The mains focus of Soul sucker relies mainly on the main characters Ella Walsh and Vadim Morosov. Although there is definitely an aura of romance and seduction, the story goes beyond that and it defies the reason why erotic romances have become so tiresome. Both romance and mystery complete each other and for the plot to move forward, the characters are closer to passion and solving the mystery. For those readers who want what both worlds may offer, Soul sucker is a paranormal version of The Vampire Tudor Chronicles. We have paranormal creatures, setting and worldbuild, crimes to be solved and two characters that are attracted to each other. Ella has her own temper and the fact that she is an empathy who is most likely to die at the age of twenty-seven brings a lot of weight on her shoulder. You don’t have to develop this character a lot in order for the reader to feel empathy for her: she might die and she is great at her job and she seems a nice person. We don’t want her to die, but we also don’t want her to take choices that go against her will and her personality. Also she sucks people’s memory, how cool is that? Morosov, on the other hand, still has glimpses of a male character’s model in current paranormal romance: is cute and way beyond the protagonist’s league, paraphrasing the book “fucks like a God” and is obviously both powerful and dangerous.

The author kept him as a mysterious man, always full of secrets that he’d rather not reveal to Ella, which makes him target of two possible interpretations. I believe that love without trust is almost impossible, though Marillier says that “Trust is a thing you do without words”, the reader gets the feeling that Morosov keeps things to himself probably because he fears that Ella will abandon him, once she is aware of what he is. Also, Morosov secrecy regarding his past and what he is can be annoying, when the clues are presented and he simply tells Ella to forget it. He seems to command her and make her unconscious of something she has the right to know , even if he is right and the less she knows, the better, the reader is curious and letting the reader confused for a while is not a nice move, especially when everything that has been kept a secret is revealed in a very paced and clumsy way in the end of the novel.

Nevertheless, it is nice to see a male character being protective and thinking about how stupid that attitude is. Ella is a strong, clever woman and it is good to see a man being her sidekick and not her saviour as if she suddenly becomes useless. Morosov has to be someone she can trust, work with and rest her head, instead of being a knight in shine armour that comes to save the princess that does not need to be rescued.

When I previously mentioned that Soul sucker deserves a sequel, it is basically due to its end when you realise you actually want more, you want know more about the Otherworld and more about other characters. Maybe in the following books, the male character will diminish the habit of being overprotective. I recall Vivi Anna once said that she had difficulties equalling the female and male character on her novel Hell Kat, in order for them not to overpower each other and, personally, I would like to believe that possessive attitudes from male characters are finally coming to an end and women can finally stand out in paranormal/urban romances. Morosov reflects about his behaviour towards Ella and thinks about what his attitude would be if Ella would have the same attitude. After all, Morosov and Ella are not that different and both can come to errands.

To sum up, Soul sucker is a nice novel from Kate Pearce, especially if you have not enjoyed the House of Pleasure series. Soul sucker mixes romance, paranormal and crimes and is the beginning of something that can become quite promising. As both reader and writer I am currently looking forward to explore more about the world and other characters. To be noted as less positive: the end and the end only (not the end itself, but the way it was introduced and the fact that the reader asks “is this it?”), which can be fixed with a sequel. No pressure!


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