Dark Shadows (Vampirella)

17131854Dark Shadows / Vampirella Tp
Patrick Berkenkotter, Marc Andreyko, Jose Malaga (Illustrations)
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
120 pages
Expected publication: 7th May 2013

As a fan of Vampirella since I was young (and by young I mean 14 years old), the cross between the Dark Shadows and Vampirella seemed like a great idea at first. The art is nice and the black contrasting with red gives a gloomy environment. I am glad my e-reader is a TFT screen, it allowed me to read the comic almost flawless, however when it came ot bigger sentences, I had to read it on Digital Editions.

Perhaps the fact that I have not read a comic (AmE comic) in years may have contributed to the fact that I found the pace rather quickly and the mystery was all solved quickly and almost without problems. The structure is right, but I found that the path was always opened to Vampirella achieve her goal. No traps, no issues – she had it too easily.

The gore and violence is amazing and Vampirella is still an awesome character. She contrasts nicely with Barnabas Collins (yes, you may know him from Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows). You do not get an aura of danger through Collins, but you know how deadly Vampirella is. Also there are some scenes facing the villain and the victims that can give you chills.

If it weren’t for the speedy pace and if it had more development and you felt that characters did not have it easy, you can say that Dark Shadows crossover with Vampirella is overall a nice reading, but does not go any further than that. It is nice to revisit known characters with a nice worldbuild and good colours and atmosphere.


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