NaNoWriMo Camp starts today!!

É hoje, é hoje! 🙂 Já tenho 800 palavras (escritas à meia-noite em ponto) e embora ainda não esteja satisfeita, acho que vou ter tempo para voltar atrás e editar mesmo depois de começar a história 🙂

Como sou uma fofa para vocês deixo-vos aqui a minha sinopse/ capa e o excerto que escrevi à meia-noite. Eu ia escrever algo na senda do distópico, mas como ontem li o “A strong hand”, não resisti em começar algo do género mas com Ficção Científica.

The Earth no longer exists. Aaron is part of a spaceship dedicated to search a new home for humans. The crew encounters an inhabitable planet where it seems to have life form similar to humans. However their civilization is only made of men. Aaron is sent to establish a message between both worlds.
Suber is confused by the arrival of some species that seemed to derive from theirs. Even though communication is almost impossible, he is more than willing to teach the messenger the art of pleasure. For that he only has to surrender and be his sex slave.

ALERT: This novel will contain scenes with explicit M/M romance, anal sex and oral sex.


(desculpem os erros, foi escrito à meia-noite)

The light was dim. The spaceshift’s crew was still asleep. Aaron heard the quiet breath coming from his comrades. Outside, the window showed the black wallpaper full of stars. He took a deep breath… How did it happen? How come we are humanities last hope? He scanned the room. Only men were allowed in that area. Women… women were clearly left behind to breed. Not that he cared… He could not care less about women and the fact that once Earth almost blew up, they were seen as objects to give birth. He shrugged. Civilization could go for advanced to pre-historical in such a fast way. Ten years and still no signs of life in planets. But we are going to find it, right?

“Psst, hey Aaron!” Someone called him. He looked through the door’s window and saw Arthur’s blue eyes. He rose wearing his white t-shirt and black boxers.
“Can’t get any sleep?” Arthur gave him a pair of cigarettes.
“Yeah, I haven’t got laid in years. The only thing we can do in this fucked up ship is be celibate and die dry.” Aaron laughed. When trying to find humanities’ last hope, sex was defintely out of the map. But he knew it was not forever. As soon as everything got back to normal, he would get his life back. Arthur pushed his lips towards Aaron’s. He tasted of mint and dried meat… probably some scotch he had kept. His hands traced down his chest. “God, man you taste so good.” Aaron let go and opened his tongue caressed his.
“Arthur, someone can come.” Aaron knew that his cock was already swelling from lust and lack of release for years. Arthur agreed and led Aaron to a room.

“Nobody will find us here.” He removed Aaron’s boxers and knelt. “Oh, Sir I have been so eager to suck this wonderful cock of yours.” Aaron laughed. He was broader than Arthur. His face more masculine, his eyes green and hair felt like velvet.
“What are you waiting for? It has also been waiting for you!”


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