Emmie Dark
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia I Destiny Romance
E-book (released on 15th of March 2013)
Aprox. 100 pages

Spellbound is a nice reading mixing paranormal with erotic, but sometimes I wished the author made this story less heavy and more funny and took advantage of the situations to create humour.

Belle is not the best witch, in fact she has no powers and is clumsy. Being mistreated by her last boyfriend, Belle is not confident, even though she drools over her pretty neighbour Nicholas Marchetti, he does not seem very interested in her. So she decides to make a potion to create a replica of her neighbour, but obviously things do not work well.

Although the story is set on right foot, Belle is horribly depressed all the time. She is her first enemy as she has almost no self-esteem (carefully justified with the fact that her last boyfriend was a horrible person).

She thinks herself as not sexy enough and probably shy to talk to other men, but Nick incites in her something depraved and carnal. Nick is bind to the spell which makes him somehow a puppet and almost without will. He accepts the fact that Belle is a witch way too easily, of course he does not react well when he finds out she put a spell on him, causing her to cry over and over again. Nevertheless, Nick is not like Lance from “Second Chance”, as “Spellbound” is also a lot more erotic. The focus here is Belle getting some pleasure.

I would have liked Belle’s clumsiness to be funnier and less whiny. The situations here could have lead the book to be something entertaining, but I have found through the course of many romantic books that female main characters have a great tendency to have very low self-esteem when they are dumped by idiots. As a woman I fail to see how you are depressed, being single and available to nice guys. At least Nick seems to be pretty decent and does not rape her on the floor (it is depressing when your standards for characters are as low as these).

To sum up Belle is always sad/complaining she is not good enough, Nick tries to cheer her up and is attracted to her, because you know she is actually cute and a nice person. The story has the traditional happy ending and what’s left for the reader is a nice hour spent reading it, but do not expect anything more exciting than this.


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