Second chance

17261789Second Chance
Carla Caruso
Publisher: Destiny Romance
192 pages

After reading “Spellbound”, I realized the few last pages were the first chapter of this book, Second Chance. I had no idea who Carla Caruso was or that a Publishing House named Destiny Romance existed (sorry guys, we have 8 Publishing Houses in Portugal, you guys have 10 only about romance, so I am still trying to track some down).

The first chapter of Second Chance is a true delight for an editor and the reader. It presents the main character Flora, a graphic designer whose life is basically a mess. Her best friend does not talk to her, she lost the love of her life and her dream job. She finds Lance, her ex-boyfriend best friend, the one who was responsible for the mess and goes back home wishing she could turn back time and re-do things. This is the first chapter, it really gives us the glimpse of what is coming next and what we are going to get: Flora trying to get her life back. The story is well structured and is really good to go back to the 90’s and our childhood. There are plenty of references to music, tv shows and fashion. When we travel back in time, we travel with Flora and it gives a certain sense of nostalgia to us, children from the 90’s, which is nice to read something that relates to our childhood.

Flora at the beginning is at her worse, but even when she screws up through the story we cannot help but to feel sympathetic, because she feels human. Alas, all characters feel human, they make mistakes, they try to solve them, they fail again – well it’s life and yes, sometimes it can suck. Lance, on the other hand, was a real surprise. The male character tries to be a good friend to both Flora and Nick at the same time, he is friendly, protective and is always there for them both. However Flora’s obsession towards Nick makes her almost blind to Lance, whereas the reader feels like they have to yell at her for not looking at Lance, a nice guy and her perfect match. Again, human characters with their faults and virtues. It is refreshing to read a nice male character that reminds us of all that Mr. Darcy has taught us throughout the years as a male character.

Overall, it is a really nice book, a pleasant and quick reading (it took me 1h to read it) and above all a fantastic way to relax from all the alpha-males and sex scenes. This is only about fixing your past, learn from your mistakes and fix them. It is never too late to take your life back on your hand and do the right thing and this book proves it.


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