Big bad wolf

6284391Big bad wolf
Christine Warren
The Others #2
Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks
Published: September 2009
320 pages

“My sweet Melissa. (…) Such a pretty girl to have fallen into the clutches of the big bad wolf. (…) Like Little Red Riding Hood, you didn’t know what you were in for when you left home, did you? (…) That’s too bad, because once the wolf has ahold of a pretty girl, he doesn’t ever let her go. (…) A wolf never shares. (…) No one else will ever touch you the way I’m touching you. I will kill everywhere who tries. And the reason for that Melissa Jane, (…) is because. You. Are. My. Mate.”

*Talks to herself – Ok a nice neutral review – you can do it, big girl… This quote won’t affect you* Well this is actually the only quote I found really good. I mean the guy is pleasuring her and drops this line… talking about cockblock.

So this book, Big bad wolf was a present from a friend of mine, who knows I enjoy werewolves (and vampires and erotica), and I decided to read it for a challenge where I will have to defend the character Graham as one of the hottest guys (being a werewolf I do not find that part that difficult). But first story! The story is nice even if predictable and the pages actually fly in front of our eyes (this one lasted 2 hours). The stages of structure are smooth, nothing is rushed and nothing takes too long to be explained. That does not mean that the worldbuild and characters are good as well. I believe that structure/plot was the greatest plus of this book.

The worldbuild is nothing special, even when you read other werewolves books, the rules are there and the author was careful enough to not infodump much and she gave her worldbuild away along the plot, but as a whole it is not really something new and innovating.
The characters… where do I start? Yes with Graham (of course), being a alpha male and me being a feminist, the reader can guess my shock when I read passages where he literally rapes Missy (even if she is thinking oh yes please more, she hasn’t had sex in six years, of course she is going to deny sex with a “super-hot werewolf”). Also it gives me some headaches when males need to say “mine” during sex or before they orgasm. Why is there some sort of need to go Neanderthal on women? We have those possessive who say “mine” 3 or 6 times before orgasm; we have those who say “I love you” three times before orgasm; those who find the need to alert for the fact that “I’m cumming” (in fiction, of course). What happened to men who just do it and remain quiet? But I guess plenty of women will adore the fact that Graham is alpha male and that gives him the right to be possessive.

Also the idea that he gets her pregnant without even asking her is truly horrible. He knows he has to have an heir in order to maintain his alpha status and he gets her pregnant without her consent. In the end she is so in love with him that even though she hits him and argues with him about that, everything ends well and he asks her to marry him.

It is funny, however, how during the book, Graham complains about how old fashion werewolf rules are and still he is old-fashion. Missy, on the other hand, is caught in the middle of a storm and is quite rational for someone who does not really have a choice regarding her future. Being lonely a werewolf, who pleases her in bed and does the right stuff is obviously a good catch. She has obviously a low self-esteem and having a man bursting that praising her and pampering her is any woman’s dream. But still she did need a lot more space and time to adapt and prove that she was not just an accessory in Graham’s plot to keep his role.

It is a light read that raises some feminist questions towards men attitudes in books these days. I also found that positive. I believe that this theme would make a great academic paper or article. It is important to read and reflect about these things.


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