Bunny and bear

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The Bunny and the bear
Eve Langlais
Publisher: Createspace (according to Goodreads)
Pages: 162

Taking a closer look at the cover, my first thought was “wow that’s porn.” (yes, because the title was not enough), but then the fact that it looked like a fairy tale twist and some reviews on Goodreads argued it was a fun and light book, made me take a shot (even though I promised myself, no more erotic books!).

The beginning does sound like a porn movie, Miranda, a cute bunny, meets her neighbour, a gorgeous, yet grumpy bear, Chase (oh yes, all puns intended here). She starts flirting with him and yet he refuses any type of physical contact, because she’s a bunny and he’s a bear (even though the hardon in his pants say otherwise). So this is the part where they digress from the porn film script and the action starts. Mr. Grumpy and miss cute bunny go to work. While at work, Chaser keeps thinking about Miranda sexually, but constantly tries to shut his ideas, because she is a bunny and bears don’t mix up with other species.

This was the part where you go “I don’t know if I should like him or hate him”, but I say adore him. Because this scene and this “conflict” that Langlais has created can be obviously interpreted as a metaphor of relationships between racial and it gives us a nice message about love conquers all and slaps prejudice.

The story/plot has few twists and can be easily followed and there are some cheesy lines, but as it is a light and fun book, I could not expect something mind-blowing. The sex scenes are ok.

Personal note: I always have issues with women that have multiple orgasms with a few strokes from the male, just to show how awesome the guy is in bed!

On the other hand, I love when a sex scene makes me dream, if you are reading and it makes you envision other things from that scene, it’s a plus. Imagination is all you have when you’re reading.

But that’s personal stuff.

The plot swirls around the two main characters and even though Miranda has a great personality and her energy is contagious, the villain deserved more space to show his really true colours and that’s what I am hoping to see developed on the following books: more about the villain and really, you know villain stuff that is not kidnaping.

Also kudos to Langlais for finally creating a book where the male is in danger and the female has to rescue him. It makes it a lot cuter when you have a bunny, which is supposed to be a cute and fluffy animal, going berserk and protective over a bear, which traditionally is portrayed as protective and violent. Chaser, does indeed reveals that part of him, but as a whole Miranda is the boss.

Remember: funny, I read it in an hour and half, easy going and good for a laugh and some steamy scenes.


One thought on “Bunny and bear

  1. lerporgostonaocansa says:

    O que descreves aqui faz-me lembrar o último livro em ingles que li: Love, Lies and High Heels, mas aqui a história é sobre o preconceito do dinheiro – ela riquissima e chique, ele pobre e cowboy.

    Parece-me muito bem, e de facto a capa is very sexual indeed. =)

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