Depois da biblía Steampunk, eis The Zombie Bible

What Our Eyes Have WitnessedStant Litore
232 pages
Publisher: 47North


Father Polycarp has a Gift. He can bring peace and rest to the restless dead. At his touch, each hungering corpse lies still at last. But to do this, Polycarp must first look into each one’s blind eyes and find the remnant of the soul caught within the shambling corpse. He must witness its secrets, its suffering — all that it loved and feared and regretted in its brief life. Only then can he absolve that soul and set it free. Only then will it cease to walk and feed. But Polycarp has more than the dead to worry about: second-century Rome is bitterly divided. The patricians hope to appease their ancestors by lavishing food upon the tombs of the dead, even as the city’s poor starve in the streets. Blaming the rising of the dead on Polycarp and his followers, they seek his death, certain his rejection of the old ways has left the ancestors restless and starving for flesh. To save the Eternal City, Polycarp will have to stand against the might and corruption of Roman justice and the terrible moaning of the ravenous dead in this captivating installment in Stant Litore’s Zombie Bible series.

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Death has come up into our windows
Stant Litore
110 pages
Publisher: 47North


Yerusalem City is dying as the king, blind to the starvation and plague ravaging his people, obsessively plans for a Babylonian invasion. Only Yirmiyahu the prophet knows the truth; only he can hear God weeping behind her veil in the Temple. Yirmiyahu knows the barricaded city gates will keep no one out—they will serve only to keep the zombies in. For among the unburied and neglected dead are restless souls who continue to roam the earth, feasting on the living trapped within the city walls. Yirmiyahu’s pleas on behalf of the people only earn him the scorn of the king, who orders him tossed into a dry well. There he is trapped with his memories of the horrors he witnessed aboveground—and with the ravenous dead thrown into the well after him. Fearful that God has abandoned her city, Yirmiyahu wrestles with the hunger of the living and the hunger of the dead as he struggles to hold onto his last vestige of hope. By turns harrowing and inspiring, the first book in Stant Litore’s gripping Zombie Bible series initiates a dark retelling of traditional biblical tales that will haunt readers long after the last page has been turned.

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About Adeselna Davies

Occasionally works as an English and German teacher, also loves to read all kind of books and wish someone would pay her to read and write reviews forever. She is also a magazine designer and writes short-stories.

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