Sobre Marion Zimmer Bradley e as brumas de Avalon

Para quem está a ler o primeiro livro da saga reeditado pela Saída de Emergência

With her New York Times best-selling novel The Mists of Avalon (1979),
Bradley took the material of Arthurian legend and created an enduring legacy
to both fantasy fiction and feminist spirituality simultaneously. Few novels of
any genre are as widely known among spiritual feminists. The previously villainous
figure of Morgan le Fey becomes Morgaine, priestess of the Goddess of
Avalon and narrator of the story. Arthurian legend is recast as a battle
between Goddess-worshipping Britain and patriarchal Christianity. Additionally,
Morgaine must wrestle with the question of rightful use of power, a
recurring theme in spiritual feminist writing of all types, as well as the definition
of the Goddess, another recurring theme, which various factions define
By taking the spiritual feminist task of unearthing Goddess history (or
“herstory’) and combining it with one of the major European legends, the
“Matter of Britain,” while personalizing the struggle of feminist versus patriarchal
spiritual values through one heroine’s journey, Bradley created one of
the richest fictional formulations of the issues central to spiritual feminists.
Arthurian legend has long been fertile ground for fantasy writers, but one
could argue that the many permutations of Guinevere’s story, as well as other
feminist renditions of various figures, might not have existed, or at least been
so numerous and varied, had The Mists of Avalon not been written.”

Reid, Robin Anne. (2009) Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy (pp. 246-247). Greenwood Press

Link para o livro na Amazon

Link para o livro do site da SdE


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